Fall Growth Groups for kids!!

During the Growth Group hour on Sunday mornings for the fall we have 3 classes for children.  In addition to nursery for our baby to 2 year olds, we have a 3 year olds to Kindergarten class, a 1st to 3rd grade class, and a 4th and 5th grade class. 


These classes allow adults to participate in the many different Growth Groups that are happening.  These children's groups are only active when Growth Groups are meeting.  THE LAST DAY OF FALL GROWTH GROUPS IS DECEMBER 4TH.  Children's growth groups are dependent on volunteers to staff them.

This fall the 3 year olds to Kindergarteners are learning the lessons of the Bible with Heartshaper by Standard Publishing.  Their lessons will include:

*God Made a World For People

*God Made Adam and Eve

*God Made My Senses

*God Made Me Special

*Moses Is Born

*Moses Leads God's People

*God's People Cross the Red Sea

*God Provides for His People

*God Gives 10 Rules

*Joshua and Caleb

*God's People Cross the Jordan River

*The Fall of Jericho

*Joshua Talks to God's People


Come join us at 9:30am Sunday mornings!!

The 1st to 3rd graders will be learning about some men of the Old Testament during Sunday morning Growth Groups.  The Lessons include:


*David the Shepherd

*David Slays Goliath

*Solomon, the Wisest Man

*Solomon Builds the Temple

*Elijah and Baal

*Elijah Fed by the Ravens

*Elijah is Taken Up



*The Fiery Furnace

*Daniel and the Lion's Den

*Isaiah and the Prophecy


Come learn about these important men of the Old Testament on Sunday mornings!!

Our 4th to 5th graders will be studying Esther this fall and all the plans that God had for her.  How did she follow God's plan for her life and what does that have to do about the plans God has for our lives?  Come join Mr. Joe and Ms. Nancy from 9:30am to 10:30am Sunday mornings to learn all about it!!

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AWANA 6:20-8pm (starts up again Sept. 2017)
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Growth Groups:

Summer Growth Groups have begun and  meet at various times and locations.   Please check the  Connection Table for more information.


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