September/ October 2017

our Children's Church services begin at 10:45am.

Dojo Junior:


Come to the mats and learn about the way God wants us to live. Children join Kora and Kimmie as Sensei Bob teaches them about God's plan for their lives. As the girls punch and kick their way through the martial arts tournament, they will learn about patience, kindness, self-control, and prayer.


Lesson 1 - David Waits to be King

Lesson 2 - David and Abigail

Lesson 3 - Deacons are Appointed to Minister

Lesson 4 - Daniel Eats Good Foods

Lesson 5 - Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

Lesson 6 - Nicodemus Goes to Jesus

Lesson 7 - Hannah's Prayer for a Son

Lesson 8 - God's Plans for Gideon

Dojo Kids:


Children join Felicia Gutters in the dojo as she must practice the right moves. She also learns the principles of discipline, self-respect, confidence, respect, endurance, integrity, loyalty, and leadership!


Lesson 1 - Life of Paul

Lesson 2 - Daniel Chooses Good Foods

Lesson 3 - The Story of Gideon

Lesson 4 - Elisha is Not Shown Respect

Lesson 5 - Paul and Barnabas Preach in Lystra

Lesson 6 - David Fights Goliath

Lesson 7 - Jonathan and the Armor Bearer

Lesson 8 - Paul Guides Timothy

Coming In Nov./ Dec. 2017

Center Stage Junior:


Hop on board the tour bus for Center Stage Jr.! Children will join lead singer Pearl, her band, and their bus driver, Enzo, as they discover what it means to worship God. As the band prepares for each concert, Enzo teaches them about worship from eight different Biblical examples. Your children will participate in learning from these examples, as well as see how they can worship God every day in their own lives.


     Lesson 1 - Song of Moses and Miriam

     Lesson 2 - David Sings Praises to God

     Lesson 3 - Hannah's Prayer

     Lesson 4 - Good Samaritan

     Lesson 5 - The Woman's Offering

     Lesson 6 - Peter, John, and the Lame Man

     Lesson 7 - The Call of Abraham

     Lesson 8 - Jesus' Death and Resurrection

Center Stage Kids:


Do you want to learn to live a life of worship? Children will follow along on tour with world famous worship band, Cloud 9, as they teach an up and coming artist what worship is all about. Get an all-exclusive look at behind the scenes footage of the band as they crisscross the world to make God's Name famous. Cloud 9 will show us how to make worship a part of our everyday lives.


     Lesson 1 - Jesus Speaks to the Rich Young Man

     Lesson 2 - Moses and the Isrealites Sing to God; Mary Sings to God; Angels Worship God                        by Singing

     Lesson 3 - Elijah Speaks to God on the Mountain

     Lesson 4 - Jesus Anointed by a Sinful Woman in Bethany

     Lesson 5 - The Believers Share Their Possessions with Each Other

     Lesson 6 - Peter Heals a Lame Man at the Gate

     Lesson 7 - The Call of Abram

     Lesson 8 - The Story of Job

Service Times

Sunday Morning:

9:30am Bible study

11am Worship

(Nursery and KidzWorship provided)


AWANA 6:20-8pm  
Axxis Students 6:00-8pm


Growth Groups:

Sermon based small groups meeting in homes throughout the week. 


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