JULY 2018

During the month of July we have a Family Worship Month.  We invite all of our children ages 4 years to 5th grade to worship with us in "Big" church.  We provide children's bulletins to entertain the kids during service if they are needed.

August 2018

Our children's church services start at 10:45 am.

Zooplosion Kids:


Lions and Donkeys and Ravens, oh my! The animals are the main characters of Zooplosion. Children ages 6-12 watch the Bible Stories through the eyes of the animals in the Bible and see how God always provides. Then they will see “what might have happened” and learn that things work out better when we follow God’s plan.


Lesson 1 - The Animals Come To Adam To Be Named

Lesson 2 - The Raven's Bring Food To Elijah

Lesson 3 - Daniel and the Lion's Den

Lesson 4 - Balaam's Donkey

Lesson 5 - Jesus as the Good Shepherd, We are the Sheep

Lesson 6 - Salvation Through the Shepherd, Sheep, Dove, and Donkey

Lesson 7 - The Pig and the Prodigal Son

Lesson 8 - Noah's Ark


Coming In September/ October 2018

Kingdom Tales Junior:


Join Sir Pogo the Knight and Darrin the Daring Donkey as they search the kingdom for the Armor of God. Each week you and your children will find a new piece of armor, and find out what that armor represents in God’s Kingdom.


Lesson 1 - David and Jonathan

Lesson 2 - Jonah

Lesson 3 - David Choose Peace and Spared Saul's Life

Lesson 4 - Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego

Lesson 5 - Jesus' Death and Resurrection

Lesson 6 - Philip and the Eunuch

Lesson 7 - Solomon's Request

Lesson 8 - Song of Mary


Starlight Station Kids:


Welcome aboard the only hotel and resort in orbit around the earth! The Starlight Station staff will do their best to make your visit here out of this world. During your stay, children ages 7-12 will join Sprocket McCracken, the Director of Starlight Station, as he learns many ways to be a servant leader. You will also be a part of our daily briefings which will walk you through the life of Joseph. Strap in and hold on for an out-of-this-world experience at Starlight Station.


Lesson 1 - Joseph's Dreams

Lesson 2 - Joseph's Brothers Sell Him Into Slavery

Lesson 3 - Joseph and Potipher's Wife

Lesson 4 - Joseph Interprets the Dreams of the Baker, the Cup Bearer, and Pharoah

Lesson 5 - Joseph is in Charge of the House, the Prison, and All of Egypt

Lesson 6 - Judah Takes Responsibility for Benjamin

Lesson 7 - Joseph Reveals His Identity to His Brothers

Lesson 8 - Jacob Moves to Egypt

Service Times

Sunday Morning:

9:30am Bible study

11am Worship

(Nursery and KidzWorship provided)


AWANA 6:20-8pm  
Axxis Students 6:00-8pm


Growth Groups:

Sermon based small groups meeting in homes throughout the week. 


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