Our children's church services start at 10:45 am.

January/ February 2019

Robot Repair Shop Junior:


Join Dr. Tomorrow and his trusty assistants, Newton and Pixie, at Dr. Tomorrow’s Robot Repair Shop. Children will help Pixie and Newton build a robot that, when finished, will tell others about Jesus. Within each lesson your children will hear stories from Jesus’ life and learn how to apply those lessons to their own lives.


Lesson 1 - John Baptizes Jesus

Lesson 2 - Jesus' Death and Resurrection

Lesson 3 - Jesus Goes to the Temple

Lesson 4 - The Sermon on the Mount

Lesson 5 - Lord's Prayer

Lesson 6 - Jesus and the Children

Lesson 7 - Jarius' Daughter

Lesson 8 - Peter Tells Everyone About Jesus

Robot Repair Shop Kids:


Is your robot causing you problems? Well tune in to Dr. Tomorrow’s Robot Repair Shop to learn how to fix those faulty robot parts. And while you are here, children will learn how to associate a part of their body with a Biblical truth. Dr. Tomorrow teaches us that the parts of our bodies can remind us to live for God.


Lesson 1 - Jesus Explains the Two Greatest Commandments

Lesson 2 - The Isrealites Choose to Follow God Instead of Looking for an Easier Way

Lesson 3 - The Life of Timothy

Lesson 4 - Peter Walks on Water with Jesus

Lesson 5 - Daniel Uses His Words Well

Lesson 6 - Jesus Teaches Us that We Should See Others as He Sees Them

Lesson 7 - Jesus Explains Why it is Important for Us to Fill Our Minds with Godly Things

Lesson 8 - The Isrealites Work Together to Build the Tabernacle/ Paul Teaches How We Should All Work Together to Build the Church

Coming in March/ April 2019

The Game Show Junior:


What's the best game show for kids? Big Questions, with everyone's favorite host, Guy Handsome! Get ready to play along with contestants Fernando, Tuttle Turtle, and Abee Queen as they complete and learn from the successes and mistakes of Jacob in the Bible.





Lesson 1 - Esau Loses His Birthright

Lesson 2 - Jacob Deceives Isaac

Lesson 3 - Jacob's Dream

Lesson 4 - Jacob Works for Laban

Lesson 5 - Jacob Flees Laban

Lesson 6 - Jacob Apologizes to Esau

Lesson 7 - Esau Forgives Jacob

Lesson 8 - Jacob Returns Home and Worships God

The Game Show Kids:


What’s the best game show for kids? Good question. The answer: Big Questions! It’s the only game show that lets all of your kids be the contestants! They’ll score huge points playing big team games, head-to-head challenges, and even goofy games! And the whole time they will learn the answers to some of the biggest questions that were asked in the Old Testament. So if your kids are ready to play some games, earn some points, answer some questions and have tons of fun. They need Big Questions!


Lesson 1 - Adam and Eve and the Serpent

Lesson 2 - Cain and Abel

Lesson 3 - Jacob Deceives Isaac

Lesson 4 - Moses and the Burning Bush

Lesson 5 - Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz

Lesson 6 - The Lord Rejects Saul

Lesson 7 - Samuel Anoints David

Lesson 8 - Nehemiah

Service Times

Sunday Morning:

9:30am Bible study

11am Worship

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AWANA 6:20-8pm  
Axxis Students 6:00-8pm


Growth Groups:

Sermon based small groups meeting in homes throughout the week. 


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