Our children's church services start at 10:45 am.

September/ October 2019

To the Depths Junior:


Join Pogo, Spike and Lacey on an underwater adventure. With the help of Captain Nic, the trio will dive into the stories of Jesus and discover some of the greatest treasures of all time.




Lesson 1 - The Birds of Heaven and the Flowers of the Field

Lesson 2 - Casting the Net

Lesson 3 - The Good Samaritan

Lesson 4 - The Wise and Foolish Builders

Lesson 5 - The Prodigal Son

Lesson 6 - The Unforgiving Debtor

Lesson 7 - Parable of the Talents

Lesson 8 - The Lamp for All to See

Winter Extreme Kids:


On top of this mountain, we do everything to the EXTREME! From skiing to snowboarding, ice sculpting to snowball fights, nothing is too EXTREME! for us. Especially living EXTREME! lives for God. This series takes an EXTREME! look at the teachings of Jesus.


Lesson 1 - The Wise and Foolish Builders

Lesson 2 - The Good Samaritan

Lesson 3 - Zacchaeus Meets Jesus

Lesson 4 - Jesus and the Authority

Lesson 5 - The Unforgiving Debtor

Lesson 6 - The Parable of the Loaned Money

Lesson 7 - Jesus Meets with Nicodemus, Jesus Talks with the Samaritan Woman, Jesus Blesses the Children

Lesson 8 - Jesus Provides a Miraculous Catch of Fish

Coming in November and December 2019

Allaso Ranch Junior:


Come join us as we go to Allaso Ranch, the best summer camp in the universe! At Allaso Ranch, children ages 3-6 will join Sydney, Haley, and the Dirty Jacket gang and learn about all the things God made us to do. So, grab your sleeping bag and backpack, and come camping with us at Allaso Ranch!


Lesson 1 - The Building of the Tabernacle

Lesson 2 - Isaac and Rebekah

Lesson 3 - Elisha and the Woman from Shunem

Lesson 4 - The Good Samaritan

Lesson 5 - David Bringing the Ark to Jerusalum and His Song of Praise

Lesson 6 - The Macedonian's Gift

Lesson 7 - Josiah

Lesson 8 - Persistent Widow

Allaso Ranch Kids:


There’s something for everyone at Allaso Ranch! Whether you like hiking, swimming, paintball, riding down zip lines, or riding horses, this camp is where you want to be. Pack your suitcase, and don’t forget your pillow, because at Allaso Ranch we’re getting away and getting to know God.


Lesson 1 - Salvation Story Through the Parable of the Lost Sheep

Lesson 2 - God Guides the Isrealites Through the Wilderness

Lesson 3 - God Created the World for Us

Lesson 4 - God Provided Manna but the Isrealites Were Not Grateful

Lesson 5 - The Prodigal Son

Lesson 6 - The Isrealites Build the Tabernacle

Lesson 7 - David Worships God in the Wilderness

Lesson 8 - The Temptation of Jesus

Service Times

Sunday Morning:

9:30am Bible study

9:30 & 11am Worship

(Nursery and KidzWorship provided)


AWANA 6:20-8pm 


Axxis Students 6:00-8pm


Growth Groups:

Sermon based small groups meeting in homes throughout the week. 


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